RE:[sap-acct] Fiscal year 2009 is already closed in financial accounting

Posted by Robert86 (FinSol Solutions)
on Jul 5 at 2:35 PM
Hi, first step do need to change the FY in the "ARJW" then check "OAAQ" transaction

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Subject: Fiscal year 2009 is already closed in financial accounting


Here My requirement is User wants to change Shift Factors in Asset Master Data (AS02). But while changing shift factors system throwing an error.

Fiscal Year 2009 is already closed in Financial Accounting.

You have initiated a recalculation of asset values for fiscal year 2009. However, fiscal year 2009is still open is Asset Accounting, but not in financial accounting.

System Response
Due to this inconsistency between the General Ledger and the subsidiary ledger, processing is terminated.

Close Fiscal Year 2009 in Asset Accounting as well.

But, In previous month also they had done some modification regarding shift factors system did not show any error. Why this time? What could be wrong?

To solve this issue I have done
1. AJAB - Previous fiscal year closed in Asset Accounting.. By doing this will be any impact somewhere??
2. OB52 - Previous fiscal year opened in Financial Accounting..Then system is not showing any error..But to do this we need some approval from higher we need to tell them why it is required to change previous fiscal year?

Because I do not know what could be the reason for this? Why system throwing an error this month and why system did not throw any error in previous month while changing shift factors in AS02.

Please guide me


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