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Posted by thillainathans
on Jul 21 at 6:24 AM

We had completed this issue in Production instance by way of
1. Confirm that the GL document that appears in FBL3N does not reflect in FS10N
2. Execute t-code FAGLF03 to identify the exception 'Document not posted to any ledger'
3. Run the program RGURECGLFLEX using T-code SA38 and update the following before execution:
a. Company Code
b. Fiscal Year
c. Posting Period
d. Document Number (pertaining to the exception item)

Uncheck 'Test Run' and select 'Target Ledger' as 'Only Load Docs into one Ledger' and choose '0L – Leading Ledger'. Once done execute the report and posting completion message will be displayed upon which the issue becomes resolved.

ST Nathan

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From: Sylendra Prasad
Sent: Sunday, October 05, 2008 6:45 PM
Subject: FS10N & FBL3N mismatch

Hi all,

I guess this is a common question asked in this forum. But I am asking this questoin just for confirmation .
My system is SAP 4.7 Sup.Pack 29.
Initially FS10N and FBL3N used to show correct values. But when I do the Archiving of FI_DOCUMNT object and do the index Post-processing, both the transaction begin to show different output.

FBL3N shows as 23456 , FS10N will show 12345 (say) as the balance.
But when I double-click on FS10N balance, it gives FBL3N output 23456.

How come they begin to differ after index post-processing of FI docs ?
Any resolution to fix this issue? Will execution of the program RFSEPA01 solve the problem ?


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