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Posted by kite203 (Kite)
on Jul 28 at 5:39 AM
Hi Linh,

Try accounting validation rule. Set rule of document header with prequisition is t-code equal to F-53 and check is in range of all bank accounts.


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Subject: G/L account used to post manual payment

Hi all,

In FBZP/FI12 we've already assigned a G/L account for one house bank-Account ID.
Of course, when we make payment in F-53, we could choose any G/L account to pay as long as the account is cash/bank account.
I just wonder if is there any case when it is a must to have F-53 G/L account the same as assigned G/L account of our Housebank?

Eg: We assigned G/L 1112 to Housebank HSBC1 Account ID:USD1
When we create invoice, we also define housebank HSBC1 as the bank we will use to make payment.
So, when we do post outgoing payment F-53, in which case we need to enter G/L 1112 in the Bank account field? In which case we do not need to do that?

I would appreciate if you could help.
Thank you very much.

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