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Posted by SAP_Model (CEO/FOUNDER)
on Jul 26 at 11:35 AM
You don't want to make GR before the goods reach the warehouse. Depending on the terms there should be an invoice when transfer of ownership happens. The invoice is processed before GR. Then you can pay the invoice whenever required to get the discount. The three-way match still works but only on the back end. You don't get a front end check with payment block since you are paying before the actual goods receipt. If you do process the goods receipt before the physical receipt you have to do Mickey mouse processing for your planning as indicated above as well.

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Scenario - we want to recognize inventory in our books at the time it gets loaded on the vendor side (once we get delivery notification). The reason being we want to pay them in a specific timeframe to take some discount instead waiting for the goods to reach us and then start the vendor payment process. We risk losing that discount in a normal way. Appreciate if experts could throw some light on how this can be handled in SAP. thank you

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