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Posted by Gearoid (SAP FICO (Financials) - Senior Consultant)
on Jul 20 at 6:38 PM
Hi, we've just implemented the ISO20022 XML format. The best way to get started is to run transaction DMEE, enter tree type PAYM and then select one of the format trees SEPA_CT, SEPA_CT_CML or SEPA_DD. When you display these formats, you can see how the XML file is made up. To actually generate a test XML file, attach one of these formats to a payment method ( in FBZP, "payment methods in country", select the radio button "use payment medium workbench", and enter the DMEE format for example SEPA_CT). Those "SEPA" payment medium workbench formats provided by SAP are "off the shelf" for creating Euro payments to IBAN numbers and would need to be modified for other currencies / bank account formats. Our bank is Citibank and they have provided us with "off the shelf" DMEE formats for generating ISO 20022, and this has been a big accelerator in our implementation of ISO 20022 XML.

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Hello All,

I was told by Bank of America that currently all Banks have new technology called ISO20022 XML like EDI. Has anyone had a chance to work on this? If so, can you please share your experience on how different it is from EDI and what are the benefits.

Thank You.

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