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Posted by cgarland
on Jul 29 at 11:28 AM
We have a roadmap - but there is concern about the size of our first release. Current roadmap included all of Finance, SD, MM/IM, MDM, and new data warehouse. Sticker shock is causing us to reconsider. Trying to understand what the pit-falls are to do all legacy interfaces into Finance so that we can eliminate SD from scope in release 1. Will we get benefit from it? How much do we have to rework when we go to put SD in in the next release? So there would be NO integration with any other SAP modules if we take this approach.

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From: Christine Garland
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Subject: Just Starting SAP Implementation

Can anybody offer some info on the risks and challenges of implementing Finance without SD - and then coming around in a 2nd release a couple years later - to add SD into the mix? Would there be a lot of customization and rework required. has anyone done this?

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