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Posted by LCC352 (Sr. Mgr, ERP/Financial Systems)
on Jul 29 at 12:55 PM
Sticker shock with SAP is very common and doesn't get better with age! It's really more about what your company can commit to in resources and dollars in a particular year.

We combined about 17 general ledgers into one during our first go-round, as well as implementing warehouse management in our refineries and an entirely new way of doing our procurement, A/R, A/P fixed assets and a whole new way of reporting (Controlling), which is why we chose not to implement so much all at once.

We were also only willing to commit about 60 employees at one time to implement. That includes all end users as well as IT, so that's on the smaller side as implementations go.

Don't underestimate the amount of overall change that's involved with such an implementation. If you bite off too much, it could ruin the project - again, this is based on your company and what it intends to devote to the project.

For a dual schedule, you also have to be willing to create interfaces that are throw away unless you design them for automated uploads in the future from Excel and other flat files. An implementation of SAP is like corporate root canal, so be ready for it.


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Can anybody offer some info on the risks and challenges of implementing Finance without SD - and then coming around in a 2nd release a couple years later - to add SD into the mix? Would there be a lot of customization and rework required. has anyone done this?

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