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Posted by Ushanand
on Jul 7 at 6:22 AM
HI All,

I am facing the error in MR11. I have maintained the sufficient budget for the respective fiscal year. For example i have a budget of 53. i want to do the MR11 for 53 only. but it is not allowing me to do. I am getting an error "Budget exceeded". can you please let me know what should i do?

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Subject: MR11- GRIR Clearing Issue

Hi SAP Gurus,

I have an issue regarding the GRIR Clearing Account=2E My client have raised an issue that there are too many line items appearing as open items in GRIR Clrg Acct=2E Then when i asked them there normal process they said they used to execute MR11=2E I suggested them to execute the F=2E13 after running MR11, then they could see a considerable difference in the GRIR Clrg Acct, many items have appeared as Cleared, but still many are still open=2E

Now the issue is, when the MR11 is executed it creates a FI document which is also appearing as OPEN ITEMS=2E The client is asking as how this could be possible, i dont have any clue as why a document which is created for clearing, appear as Open item rather than Cleared item=2E

Could any please help nme on this, it is very urgent for us to decide certain issues=2E

Thanks in advance


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