RE:[sap-acct] New field for F-43 transaction for additional date

Posted by Anna_Polyakova
on Jul 8 at 5:36 AM
Hey Rifki, thank you for your reply!
Would you please, just give any detail what you mean by "set it into Expense Account"..?
In terms of filling this field in, user will manually enter the data into this field.

Thanks and have a good day

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From: Anna Polyakova
Sent: Tuesday, July 05, 2011 10:20 AM
Subject: New field for F-43 transaction for additional date

Hello, dear SAP colleagues!

Would you please, advise what is the right way if we need to create additional field in F-43 transaction for the date, at which the document has been received in fact.
So, it should be date type field. This additional date will be used in one report.

There are fields in BSEG table that we can use for such purpose (like XREF1, XREF2 or XREF3) and set the date format for them, but how to implement this into transaction?

Thank you

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