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Posted by hadni89
on Jul 28 at 4:30 AM
I made some progress. In client 200 I make 2 asset :
1. Low value asset
2. Office and equipment asset
When I do AFAB, the system shows a warning for low value asset but not in office and equipment asset. So the low value asset won't be depreciated.

I continue AFAB until period 12, but on period 12 there is no warning then I checked the low value asset and it is successfully depreciated.

So how come the low value asset only can be depreciated in period 12 only?

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From: hadni89
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Subject: SAP - AFAB Warning messages


I run AFAB and got this warning message
1. Assets with errors in planned depreciation: Message no. AAPO504
The assets listed below have incorrect planned depreciation values.

System Response
Processing continues.

Check the depreciation for the listed assets and remove the cause of the error.

2. Asset A Message no. AAPO509
Errors in planned depreciation were found for asset XXXXXX 0 with asset text " Asset A".

System Response
Processing continues.

Analyze the errors and correct them.

After I do some analysis, it turns out that Asset A is not listed in AFAB list.
I check the asset and it seems that everything is ok, anyone know how to solve this warning message?

Thank you

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