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Configure How Unplanned Delivery Costs Are Posted

In this step, you specify how the system posts unplanned delivery costs in Logistics Invoice Verification.

There are two options:
Unplanned delivery costs are distributed among the individual items in proportion to the item amounts invoiced so far and the item amounts in the current invoice.
The amounts determined are added to the respective item amounts.
The amounts determined are posted in a separate line for each item.
Unplanned delivery costs are posted in a separate line. You must enter a specific tax code for the posting. You can define a default value for this in Maintain Default Values for Tax Codes.

Configure how the system should post unplanned delivery costs for each company code.

Also check OMR2

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Subject: SAP cancellation goods receipt after posting unplanned delivery cost

Dear all,
I created one SAP purchase order, quantity 10 pcs, net price = 10 usd for one pc. Invoice receipt & goods receipts is done. When goods receipt, accounting movement as following:
debit stock account: 100
credit GR/IR: 100
Invoice receipt as following:
credit AP: 100
debit GRIR: 100
After that I had another invoice for unplanned delivery cost: 10 usd
its accounting movement is:
credit AP: 10
debit stock account: 10
After receiving invoice for unplanned delivery cost I must cancel goods receipt document, the SAP system has accounting movement as follow:
credit stock: 110
debit GRIR: 110
But my customer want that it must be accounted as below:
credit stock: 100
debit GRIR: 110
credit XXX: 10

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