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Posted by newcommers
on Jul 6 at 6:39 AM
What I want to be that:

I created one SAP purchase order, quantity 10 pcs, net price = 10 usd for one pc. Invoice receipt & goods receipts is done. When goods receipt, accounting movement as following:
debit stock account: 100
credit GR/IR: 100

Invoice receipt as following:
credit AP: 100
debit GRIR: 100

After that I had subsequent debit for unplanned delivery cost: 10 usd
its accounting movement is:
credit AP: 10
debit stock account: 10

cost of goods sold = (100 + 10)/10 = 11 usd/pc

After receiving subsequent debit for unplanned delivery cost I must cancel goods receipt document, the SAP system has accounting movement as follow:
credit stock: 110
debit GRIR: 110

But my customer want that it must be accounted as below:
credit stock: 100
debit GRIR: 110
credit XXX: 10

Then posting goods receipt again and cost of goods sold still to be 11 usd/ pc.


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What i have understood from this is that you wanted to change the document
for the canceling the document & update it as u mentioned. Right

So what i was thinking is that you can go to Change the Document over there
you can create a line item for the current transaction.

So if i am wrong please correct me so that i can come to know what is


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