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Use an exit function, see below:

name of mapping exit function module
If the mapping and conversion rules available in the system do not meet your requirements, you can specify an exit module for an element or atom.

In this module, you can model special rules as well as select additional data that is not made available by the predefined structures.

You can use one of the following function modules as a template for your module.

Outgoing files:

Incoming files:

For your module, be sure to then use exactly the same interface of the template you have chosen

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From: KK
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Subject: SAP Data Medium Exchange

Hi All,
I have started configuration of Data Medium Exchange in SAP.
My client wanted to send SGD and JPY payments via a funds transfer. The problem is in the payment file format if the payments are SGD then payment file should start with DFT and if payment are JPY then payment file should start with EFT. How can i maintain the above settings in one DME.
Please advise

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