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Posted by srividyasripathy
on Jul 18 at 3:06 AM

Would you be able to clarify if you are trying to increase the length of a particular field and try to capture the same in F110 run or is your requirement completely different from what I understood?


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From: martine eecloo
Sent: Sunday, July 17, 2011 3:55 PM
Subject: Stuctured reference to deliver with pt.program

have a question for our vendors where we need to have as ref. not the vendor invoice number but the xxx/xxxx/xxxx/ Structured ref. in the pt.
Otherwise we receive penalties in Belgium , pt. for tax authorities.
We need this structure on the invoice to have them in the pt. but the field is not long enough and can not be taken over to the in F110.
The structure for Vendors in Poland even have longer positions than in Belgium.

Is there a field to put in or what is the best way to handle this on the invoice in the way it can be taken over in the pt. run?

best regards

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