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Posted by wnash7658 (SAP Specialist and Project Leader)
on Jul 28 at 10:22 PM
I hope I am correct with this answer.

My initial idea would be to assign a dummy jurisdiction code. But I do recall that SAP has an OSS note to determine the jurisdiction on the delivery address - I think the OSS note is 0001557631, though I can't seem to view this OSS note anymore.

Hope it helps.



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From: Nikki Klein
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Subject: Tax error on foreign plant/customer/vendor postings

We create a sales order for a Dutch customer for goods to be supplied from our Korea plant. We have no inventory, so we create a purchase order on a Chinese vendor, link it to the sales order, and request that the vendor drop-ship the goods directly to the customer.
We are a manufacturer, as is the customer - so we charge no sales tax and are charged no purchase tax.
Nevertheless we are unable to post the MIRO invoice to the Chinese vendor without putting in a tax code and a US tax jurisdiction code - a hard error forces this.
Where do we start looking? The customer, vendor and material are all tax-exempt.
MM and SD have thrown this over the wall to me (FICO) as they believe it's an error from our side.

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