RE:[sap-acct] Upload from Excel in PCA - tcodes 7KE1 and 7KEX

Posted by JPG12345
on Jul 8 at 6:23 AM

check out the variable of you choosen layout. Perhaps you have a calculated characteristic in it?



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From: Ching
Sent: Monday, March 24, 2008 3:20 PM
Subject: Upload from Excel in PCA - tcodes 7KE1 and 7KEX

Hi! I would like to use the functionality of uploading profit center planning from excel in PCA using tcode 7KEX but I'm getting error: Message no. KM618 - No valid master data exists for Profit Center xxxxx. Although, the profit center is valid for the period. Please advise.
I would appreciate also if you can send a documetation/print screens of the configuration related to this.

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