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Posted by shanidmp
on Jul 20 at 12:40 AM
Solved by using the Account number and Account type in target field of search string.

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Subject: Vendor Direct Debit in Electronic bank Statement

Hi All,

How to configure the Direct Debit transaction for Vendor In EBS.

We have 10 Vendors.

My bank is sending Multi Cash format with a special external transaction.

EBS should post two transactions:

1. Cr Bank
Dr Bank Clg

2. Cr. Bank Clg
Dr Vendor Account

It is easy to post transaction 1

For 2. Bank will send the Vendor details(some name) in Note to Payee. I have used Search string function(BDC) and I am able to populate the Vendor number in Text field for the first transaction.


1) I want to post the second transaction through EBS (Clearing Bank Clg A/c by Vendor). For this how to define a posting rule.

I have tried with Posting area 2, but I am not able to define a rule which should clear the Bank Subledger with vendor.

2) How to pick the correct Vendor from Text field to post the second transaction.


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