[sap-acct] Is it possible to update group assets value in closed assets fiscal year

Posted by vaibhav_kaushal (SAP FI Consultant)
on Jul 1 at 6:19 AM
Hi Experts

At the time of closing year the user didn't maintain group assets value, and now when he is trying to retire the assets the system is not allowing to do this because there are some value available in assets but not in group assets and when I suggested him to update group assets value or deactivate this the system is again not allowing this because of fiscal year is closed for assets ( through t.code AJRW) and we can not open the assets fiscal year, it will impact whole system.

N ow please suggest me is there any alternative way to solve this issue. If you need more clarification please drop me a mail on email@removed

Thanks in advance

Vaibhav Kaushal
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