[sap-acct] Manually enter the G/L number during PR creation for K

Posted by HeleneG (SAP Group Head)
on Jul 24 at 12:40 PM
During PR creation, the system determines the G/L either for Cost-Equipment or Cost-Equipment depending on the material. This is same even if acct assignment is K for cost center. Users are provided with what G/L to input but in almost all cases the user forgets to change the G/L number. This resulted to wrong entry instead to expense it is charged to cost of sale.

We want the G/L field to be blank so during PR creation, the user will be required to enter the G/L number. User won't be able to proceed if no G/L number is entered. This requirement is for PRs with acct assignment of K only.

Please help on how to do this.

Thank you and best regards
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