[sap-acct] SAP ABT1N to post companies with different depreciation areas

Posted by mnryan
on Jul 26 at 11:17 AM
We are using ABT1N to transfer assets between Comp B (sending) and Comp A (receiving).

The setup in the Sending Company Code (Comp B) and Receiving Company Code (Comp A) is as follows:

Comp B Cross-System Area Comp A

Area 1 1 1
Area 15 10 10
Area none 15 11 (will be empty. How to fill?)
Area 31 31 31

So basically the sending company B has fewer depreciation areas that company B. Currently, SAP will leave those depreciation areas that are not mapped to a cross system area (in this case depreciation area 11) BLANK. We want these areas to be filled (eg preferably by allowing them to be populated manually at ABT1N transfer time. Or else by taking their value from area 1 if manual ABT1N entry is not possible). The system will not allow us to assign a depreciation area to more than one cross system area. Therefore there seems to be no way to get the system to auto fill those dep areas like depreciation area 11.

We have been advised to consider using the function to 'Limit Transaction Types To Depreciation Areas'. We have tried to do this by (a) setting up our own Z transaction types which are a copy of the standard acquisition and retirement transactions types used in a transfer and (b) limiting these Z transaction types to be used only with Area 11. However we are unable to get the system to 'propose' or 'always post' using these transaction types.

Can you give any advice please on how we can set these up to cater for the scenario above via ABT1N?

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