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Posted by SekharSan
on Aug 2 at 5:04 AM
Hi Zunaid,

Recommended solution is to thoroughly check the warning/error messages and then execute the cycles. If you find any discrepancy in the balances, then always reverse cycles in the order of last executed first. Reversal doesn't take much time than to create new cycles for the delta posting and SAP cycles are designed for execution and reversal 'n' number of times.

Once you finish for one period, fix the commitment item issue before starting with the next period and then go for next period and so on. Never lump more than one period in the cycles, not advisable.


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Subject: Allocation cycle in KSV5

Hello Sekhar,

Thanks for your response.

I have tried to execute the cycle parallely for 3 months using same tcode, KSV5. But system does not allow to execute differently for 3 months. First execute for e.g. for April, than May and June. You cannot run the cycle for 3 months opening 3 new screen at a same time.

Beside while executing cycle in test mode, we do not receive any error. But while executing in real mode, we receive error like commitment item not found etc.

Say we have 10 crore to allocate for month of april and cycle has allocated 8 crores. System throws error for commitment item or any other error. At this moment cycle is stopped and only 8 crores is allocated. 2 crore is not allocated. When we execute cycle again it gives error cycle is updated in current period.

To allocate this 2 crore we have to reverse the cycle and again allocated 10 crore correcting the error. This consumes lot of time. As a workaround we created New cycle copying the parameters from existing cycle and allocated the remaining amount.

Do you have any solution for this?


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