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Posted by PSD Rajan (Solutions Architect)
on Aug 2 at 11:19 AM
I have already pointed you in the right direction... use Post
Capitalization. Please do your on research and figure out the transaction
type to be copied.

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Subject: Asset Value upload into New Depreciation Area

Hello All,

Thanks for your replies.

I need some more clarity. As suggested by you, I would use AS02 to do changes in Useful Life, Depreciation Key and Ordinary Depreciation start date for all the assets.

Now, uploading the values: SAP suggests not to use AS91 or AS92 for subsequent asset uploads. Instead, we may have to post the values as current year acquisitions. How can we post Opening Balance of APC values and Accumulated Depreciation for assets? i.e. Please let us know the Asset Transaction Type to be copied and restricted to the new depreciation area.

Please also advice if the approach has to be different for Legacy Assets (created at the time go-live) and other assets created (after go-live till date) in the normal course.

Thanks in advance.

Ravi Kumar

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