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SAP system treats line items as open ( unpaid ) or cleared ( paid ) items.
Such line items may appear in customer accounts and (or) vendor accounts.

If you feel that your customer with a customer code is also a vendor ( with
a vendor code), then furnish the customer code in the vendor master and
vendor code in the customer master . You do this in the general data segment
( the second default screen of the master record(s) in the general data
segment ). This helps you view a net balance when you want to view customer
/ vendor line items. However, this is fit for viewing the net balance ...but
not setting one against another.

If you want to set off customer balances against vendor balances, then
activate a checkbox called clearing with vendor in the customer master
record ( in the company code segment ) and also activate a similar check box
called clearing with customer in the corresponding vendor master record.

When you set off, you use a document type for customer and one for vendor (
usually DA and KA ) for the purpose. Just make sure that in the IMG activity
of the related document types, customer and vendor account types are
permitted for such set off.



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Subject: Clear the balance in vendor balance with customer

Dear All,

I have a vendor, and same is our customer also. Some of its balance is in customer account and some is in vendor account. Now here I need to clear vendor balance with customer balance. If it is possible then please suggest me the transaction code or path.

Thanks & Rgd,
Harjeet Pathania
91-999999 0866

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