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Posted by Konnik
on Aug 6 at 2:56 PM

Until unless you Completley settling to a Fixed asset, cost center or WBS
element, the values will be still reflecting.

How do you expect system to react like if you settle a portion of AUC amount
to FA and remaining value should be automatically turned into zero.

Soluation is; Settle the remaining portion to FA or reverse the transaction.

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Subject: Error when reversing settlement back to Auc - Balance in transaction currency


We get following error when reversing a settlement from asset back to Auc (using AIST):
FI/CO interface : Balance in transaction currency
Message No. RW022

This error only occurs when we settle a portion of the amount sitting in AuC and not the full amount. (When we settle full amount in AuC to final asset we can reverse no problem).
When we do a partial settlement to final asset, SAP creates a document and in that document it posts a debit and credit for the unsettled amount e.g. 50k in Auc and we settle 45k to final asset with 5k remaining in Auc - the document looks as follows
AuC 5,000.00-
Auc 5,000.00
AuC 45,000.00
Final Asset 25,000.00-
Final Asset 20,000.00-

The 5k above is the unsettled amount still sitting in AuC
When we try reverse we get error message RW022 and detail is as follows:

The balances in transaction currency must be zero for each logical
transaction when transferring to the FI/CO interface. A balance of "
5,000.00-" "CAD" was determined for the logical transaction "AZVZ".

System Response

The FI/CO interface does not process any transactions which have a
balance in transaction currency other than zero.


This is a system error of the calling application.

Note: We do use line item settlement in asset classes
Much appreciate any help..

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