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Dear Sir,

With the reference to the below mail

Why is your related party, so while making payment in x company following entrys are posted
in the books of x company
Debit Y company
credit bank

In the books of y company

Dr vendor/ supplier
cr x company

So both the books are taking interco entrys.

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Subject: Transfer of amount from vendor to vendor


I am afraid that I do not get your requirement yet.

Are both X and Y vendors to your company code?

If X is making a payment to Y for supplies made by Y to X, then how and why
should it affect your books at all? Except the fact that X and Y seem to
have business dealings with your company code in the capacity of vendors , I
do not think there is any direct accounting impact affecting your company
code. Where are you coming into the picture and what is the role of your
company code ( no matter whether there is any open item or not pending
settlement in your books with regard to one or more of these vendors )? What
exactly do you want to do?

Incorrect / Inadequate specifications of requirement can only make the
thread long without any fruitful solution since the exact problem and the
requirement has not been explained in full and with accuracy.



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