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Posted by wayne_rochon
on Aug 11 at 8:27 AM
Set up a new Depreciation Key with a new Multilevel Method Key. In the Multilevel Method Key, set the Base Value field to 24. This will cause the asset to calculate the depreciation based on the Net Book Value on the respective asset. Load the legacy asset using t-code AS91, be sure to set the Asset Transfer Date to the month end of the month before the transfer. Here you can load the asset's Acquisition Value and Accumulated Depreciation Value. Once in SAP, set the new Depreciation Key that holds the new Multilevel Method Key on the asset. From the transfer date going forward, the asset will depreciate based on the new Depreciation Key and respective Useful life that is set on the asset's Depreciation Area.

Hope that this helps.

Wayne Rochon

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From: Iyefemi Cole
Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2011 5:17 AM
Subject: Asset depreciation configuration

The business would like to have depreciation of legacy asset that have already been partially depreciated out of SAP, to be calculated in SAP using NBV across the remaining useful life of those assets in months, instead of using acquisition cost. How do we configure this?

Please note that new assets that will be created in SAP will follow normal straight line depreciation calculation using asset cost. Can we have both scenarios configured in SAP?

Can we have different useful life in months for assets in the same asset class?

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