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Posted by SAP_EZ (Accounting Consultant learning SAP)
on Aug 9 at 11:47 PM
AMUMN will not work between AuCs or between an AuC and a completed asset.

So solution is to otherwise get rid of the completed asset, and then create the AuC in separate transactions.

I think there are several ways to do this, but first choice will be to reverse the initial capitalization if possible. Else use a Complex Posting (one option) to move asset value to expense, and then a manual JE to move expense to WBS element coding which will go into an investment measure (WBS/AuC combination) when Project System settlement program is subsequently run.


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Subject: Change asset class to asset under construction

Hi all, I have some problem.
I have asset A in asset class "building". Asset A has been depreciated for 4 months.
Now my client want to change asset A from asset class building into asset class "asset under construction".
What should I do with this asset?
I try to change it via ABUMN but it can't.
Please advise, thanks.

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