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Posted by Marcos_Bertaci
on Aug 1 at 10:13 AM
Hi Maju Siregar, how are you?

I was looking for some information about the subject "Maintenance Order and Cost Center Commitments in a Unique Report", and I saw that you was in the same situation in 2007.

Have you solved your problem? If yes, could you give me some tips?

Thank you and best regards.

Marcos Alexandre Bertaci.

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Subject: Commitment value for Cost center and Maintenance Order

Dear all,

Can someone to help me on this issue

When the user create Maintenance Order and link to PO and reservation,
the system will update the commitment value to this MO. How to combine
the commitment value in MO and commitment value in cost center. Is any
SAP's standard report to generate the commitment value for both

Thanks for your replay

Maju Siregar

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