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Posted by wnash7658 (SAP Specialist and Project Leader)
on Aug 1 at 11:26 PM
No one can help with a Z program, speak to the developer / development team.



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From: rajesh peddakotla
Sent: Monday, August 01, 2011 11:57 AM
Subject: Cost component report

This is the z report .when run the cost component report with one moment type (601)system taking the total amount of that movement type .But when run the report with two moment types system need to take both total of these movement types .But system taking only one movement type total .Can you please explain the reason for this issue .

EX : for movement type 601 cost component report total is 2000
but when run the report with two moment types (601 and 602 )system needs to pick both the movement type totals .But system picking the total is 2000 only .its picking only 601 movement type total only .what is the reason for this case .if any one help on this issue .I need very thankful to you .



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