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Hello Marco
I've seen you have a lot of documentation to read.
What I can add to the discussion is that SAP permit to use more than one vendor bank details and, the invoice contains it, automatically in F110 use right bank data for payments.
No needed to customize payment program.

1) put in vendor master data bank details (only on first one bank partner can be empty as it is considered as default), the others need to have a code i.e. ban1, ban2,ban3.

2) during invoice posting the system inform you that the vendor has more than bank detail, the user can select bank detail to be used for payment. This function is available both in MIRO and F-43, if the user doesn't select partner bank the system will use blank one.

3) F110 take in account information of the invoice and it use bank data corresponding to partner bank type of the invoice. The user who use F110 can change bank partner.

Hoping it is clear and helpful for you.

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Subject: Export from Job Worker

Hi All,

Has anyone configured an SAP solution in India to tackle direct
export from the job worker?

We are going to issue raw material for job work to a job worker
from one plant. The material is to be exported from a plant
other than that which had sent the material for job work.
According to excise rules in India the finished goods
manufactured through job work should not be routed through the
plant which had sent the raw material for conversion but should
be sent to the other plant from where it is to be actually

How do we handle this in SAP?


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