RE:[sap-acct] how to know t.code when we know path for a img activity

on Aug 8 at 3:15 PM
hi u ca solve this by following steps

go to menu bar and then additional information and display key img activity

and then all t codes will be displayed the last four digits are the our t codes.

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Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2004 4:35 AM
Subject: how to know t.code when we know path for a img activity


If I want to know transaction code for a transaction when i know the path in IMG, after entering in to that transaction if we go system--> staus (in menu bar) we can see transaction code.

But this is not working for so many cases. most of the cased transaction code place is showing as SPRO when we entered the transaction through path in IMG.

for eample

if you are going to Transaction "Maintain Account assignment Categories" through following path SPRO-MATERIALS MANAGEMENT - PURCHASING - ACCOUNT ASSIGNMENT - "Maintain Account assignment Categories" Sytem showing transaction code as SPRO only

However if I go to that transaction directly with T. code OME9 Transaction code showing correctly as OME9.

Is there any way to know the Related transaction code when you know path only for an IMG Activity.

Please respond if any one has solution


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