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Posted by wnash7658 (SAP Specialist and Project Leader)
on Aug 4 at 9:13 PM
This transaction is generated from FI report painter FGI1.

The plan version works of a global variable in FGIV called &1PV and is associated with field RVERS. Select the correct report type and maintain the "default value". I would assume the best method would be SET/GET. Use GVS PID in the SU3 transaction.

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Subject: Profit Center Planning/S_PL0_86000029

Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me when I'm running report S_PL0_86000029 (Plan/Actual FS) I cannot choose the Plan Version I maintained in t-code GLPV (New GL)?
It is pointing to t-code GLCV (FI-SL) with other Ledgers NOT the leading and non-leading, we have activated New GL.



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