RE:[sap-acct] TDS is getting calculated twice @ the time of invoice & payment.

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Hi all
it is very strange the scenario descripted by Mr Joshi. Usually the rule depends by law you have to respect: i.e. in Italy withholding tax is relevant at payment, then we customize WT at payment and we have following cases:
1) Advance payment + invoice posting + clearing
2) Invoice posting + payment

In both of cases the Withholding tax is deducted at payment (down payment or following payment).

In vendor master data no changes are required.

Please take in consideration that standard program to extract periodically certification to be senbt to the vendor doesn't work fine with down payments, so often Italian companies developed specific program for certification.

Hoping it's clear, otherwise please let me know.

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Subject: TDS is getting calculated twice @ the time of invoice & payment.

Hi Everyone,

We are facing one issue regarding TDS. We have maintained withholding tax of invoice and payment both in vendor master due to this TDS is getting calculated twice at the time of invoice and payment.
The reason of keeping both is that sometime we have to make advance payment first and sometime invoice is processed first and then payment is made. As per rule, we deduct TDS whichever is happened first.

Every time user has to deactivate the WHT in master at the time of payment or invoicing whatever happens second time.

Is there any way to avoid TDS deduction @ the second time. Or any functionality within SAP that system ask whether TDS needs to be deducted or not.

Kindly help on this issue.

Thanks & Regards

FI Consultant

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