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Rationally, tolerances should be set to the amount where it costs more, on average, to pursue a discrepancy than that discrepancy is worth. If it costs you $30 in labor and materials to pursue a payment difference, then your tolerance should be $30.
If you have a wide range of invoice amounts covered by the tolerance group, make your percentage high. For example, $30/90%. SAP always takes the lower of the two values. On a $100,000 invoice, the tolerance is $30 (fixed amount). On a $10 invoice, the tolerance is $9 (percentage). Even though the payer screwed you, it is not worth your time to chase that $9.
Having said that, there are companies that prob for tolerances and take advantage of them. You should have a low/zero tolerance to slap on such offenders.
Furthermore, in some industries with large amounts- chasing a $30 difference on a $450,000 payment might raise eyebrows. Check what industry standards are.


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I'm trying to figure out what tolerance levels I should have set in the tolerance configuration. Can anyone provide me with some insight as to what their company is set at, and what keys are set as the "do not check," absolute limits/under over percentages?

From Spro -> materials management -> logistics invoice verification -> invoice block -> set tolerance limits

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