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Roy is the man for this answer.

But based on my initial review - these are what are called reporting ledgers, but not necessarily tax ledgers. What you could do is go back and discuss with an Auditor and Senior Accountant.

Further, what you could do is just create a GL account in SAP for each item, this is what my client does in their current legacy system.



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Subject: Use of Official Document number in VAT Books for Italy - SAP ECC6

Dear All,

I would like to share with you a big doubt I have regarding the use of Official Document Number in the VAT Books. This is a requirement for an Italian client.
According to my clients requirement they would like to manage 5 different VAT Books:

1. Sale book (for all finished products sold in Italy, EU and outside EU)
2. Sale book for sundry sales (CAPEX, services, other goods ...)
3. Purchase book (for all the goods bought in Italy and out-side EU and for all the services bought in Italy)
4. EU purchase book (for all the goods and services bought from EU suppliers and for all the services bought from not EU suppliers)
5. EU sale (reverse charge) book (with the same numbers and amounts of the purchase book number 4)

For every VAT Book they want the Official Document number to be displayed. Not only that, they want the Official Document Number to end in 1 (XXXXXXX1) at the start of every natural Year for EVERY VAT Book, and have sequential numbering with no gaps.

My intention is to use: RFKKITVATM. This is a specific VAT report for Italian Companies. The report selects documents that contain regular VAT and that have been assigned an Official Document number (ODN). You run this report to generate such a list for the current month. It selects documents with an ODN based on the invoice or credit memo posting date. You can create as many layout-variants (one per VAT Book??).

My question is: The VAT Books are based on different VAT Codes. How can we have every single VAT Book to start with an Official Document number ending in 1? The number range will be Document type dependent and not VAT Code dependent.

As per my knowledge, To use Official Document Numbering (ODN) in Italy we have to make a number of settings:
- Activate ODN
- Specify which document types the system is to assign official document numbers to.
- Assign installation-specific function modules to events
- Define Number ranges

Have you faced up a similar requirement? Is this a legal requirement or is my client mixing up with another legal requirement related to this subject: To print a sequential number and the fiscal year on each page of the report's output list. The System starts the numbering automatically at 1, as it does for each subsequent year.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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