RE:[sap-acct] Validation & Subsititution rule

Posted by msshihab
on Aug 5 at 2:41 AM
Use T code GGB0

Perq: BKPF-BUKRS = '9100' AND BSEG-BSCHL = '31' AND
BSEG-HKONT = '161100'

Check: BSEG-BUPLA = '9100' AND BSEG-SECCO = '9100'

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From: Anuraj Srivastava
Sent: Friday, August 05, 2011 2:15 AM
Subject: Validation & Subsititution rule

Hi Gurus
Please help in making Business place & section field mandatory in FB60, so that TDS can be generated.
I have gone through several document available on forum and net but didn't get through.
Screenshot will be more helpful for me.
Thanks in Advance


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