How to Deleting and Reposting CO Documents

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You want to delete or repost CO documents created during postings for external accounting (FI, MM, SD).

During repeated re postings to CO, CO documents are created more than once if you do not use the "Check for existing records" option.

First, use program RKACOR20 to delete the incorrect CO documents. For this, enter the company code, the fiscal year and the document number of the FI documents. With parameters PPROT and PTEST you can control by entering "X" whether a detailed log is created or whether the program is executed in test mode, that is, without posting.

Afterwards, you can use Transaction OKBA to subsequently post the deleted CO documents for source document from FI, OKBB for source document from MM and OKBC for source document from SD. Enter the company code, fiscal year and document numbers, select the "Test run" and "Log" options, always select the "Check for existing records" option (if the option is displayed on the screen) and delete the defaults for the "Transaction" and "Document origin" fields.
When you delete and repost CO documents, the system also updates the data in the reconciliation ledger.
If it is not possible to repost the CO document for the reversal of a billing document, then this may be due to the fact that the CO document for the reversed billing document has also been deleted and not yet reposted.

Please note:

1. Transaction OKBB (Subsequent posting from MM document) is based on database table ACCTIT (see also Note 48009). If the update of that table has been deactivated, you can no longer use Transaction OKBB . The CO document can then only be posted from the FI document (OKBA), but not completely posted subsequently.
2. Before starting to delete documents, please check whether the correction from Note 356608 has been applied to your system.
3. Deleting and subsequently posting CO documents may be problematic, if one of the following actions already exists for the document:

  • Line item settlement to internal orders or projects
  • Line items are intended for expense-related invoice or invoiced
  • Assessments for the period
  • Line items were transfer posted
  • Document was reversed

The last two items can be checked under 'Follow-up CO documents' using Transaction RKABSHOW. If the document is a reversal document that was posted from external accounting into CO, the document header fields COBK-STOKZ and COBK-STFLG show whether a document was reversed or is a reversal document. In such cases, reverse the transaction before deleting and subsequently posting a CO document (i.e. reverse line item settlement or transfer posting) and repeat it after repairing the document. If this is not done, document references may no longer be correct, and documents may be settled twice (separately), transfer posted, etc. Normal settlement do not cause any problems since possible differences are not taken into account in the next settlement run.

If you delete a reversed document or a reversal document, also delete (and subsequently post) the associated reversal document/reversed document. Please make sure that the reversed document is posted prior to the reversal document.

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