Create Controlling Area in SAP CO

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Transaction Code :- OKKP

IMG Menu Path :- Controlling > General Controlling > Organization > Maintain Controlling Area > Maintain Controlling Area

Step 1 :- Enter T Code OKKP and select the new entries

Step 2 :- Update the following entries
Controlling area : AD06 ( Company code and Controlling area code can be same)
Name :controlling area for AD06
Company code to controlling area :- Select controlling area same as company code
Currency type :- select 10 ( company code currency )
Update currency field, Chart of Accounts filed and Fiscal year variant
Cost Center standard hierarchy : AD06_STDHI

Step 3 :- Press the Enter key to continue, the system prompts for creation of standard hierarchy. Select yes button to create as a standard hierarchy .

Press enter and click on save icon to save the data.

Step 4 :- Cost Center Standard Hierarchy:

Double click on assignment of company codes folder and Select new entries button

Enter the company code AD06 and click on save button or Ctrl+S

Double click on a activate components / control indicators folder and Select new entries button
Update Fiscal year and Select active type check box,
Select component active for Cost center and Order management
Select profit center accounting check box

Select Save icon to save the Data.

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