Re: [sap-acct] Error during settlement CJ88

Posted by RamakrishnanShanmugam
on Jun 24 at 2:06 AM

To my understanding I believe the AUC will have negative balance if WBS
element is wrongly booked and reversed normally the WBS will transfer to AUC
in the project settlement rule while running the CJ88 (Individual
settlement) or CJ8G (Mass settlement).

Moreover if the company says negative values are not allowed please check
with the respective project engineers who did the booking and tell them to
correct the same to have positive value in transferring from WBS to AUC and
try to reverse the original settlement made (where it has the negative
value) and re-run the same for the respective projects.

Hope the above explanation will resolve your query.

Ramakrishnan. S

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OK - I am not sure I understand your situation but want to assist you if possible:

If your distribution rule on the WBS element's settlement rule is using a PER settlement type (column) while you have a monetary amount on the rule versus a percentage on this distribution rule, then the amount can settle again and again every month to the receiver while driving the sender AuC negative.

Eliminate this as your issue please. Regards.
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