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Posted by Julian
on Jun 24 at 3:29 PM
User453683 would appreciate if you could repost your attachment or if anyone has any new information on this

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From: Julian
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Subject: Payment Medium Workbench (PMW) and SAPFPAYM


I'm using Payment Medium format 'CHECK' to output our cheques to PDF format
(The PMW has been configured to no longer use RFFOUS_C).
When i do payment run in F110 and go to Printout/Data medium tab the 2 programs available are:

Is there any way to get SAPFPAYM into F110 so that we can create the cheque spool in PDF format using F110?

Right now i do the F110 run and leave the Printout/Data medium tab blank. I then go to FBPM and use same run ID and date with Payment Medium format 'CHECK' and this creates our cheques in pdf format. But this is a 2 step process.

I was wondering/ hoping if its be possible to skip the 2 step process and only use F110 to do both functions.


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