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Posted by dfeyres (Manager)
on Jun 24 at 3:37 PM
Hello Vaibhav,
As the error note says, you really should activate the additional log using the Additional Log tab. If you look at the information provided there, you will find a very detailed list of steps and checks performed on the data. Quite probably the exact reason why you are encountering the error will be listed there.
Meanwhile, you should also check- does the payment method appear in the customer or vendor master?
- Does your payment method have a different currency defined for use with it?


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Subject: Error in automatic payment F110

Hi Experts

I am facing a problem when I am trying to make payment with F110, its not picking up the open item amount I have to manually use the relocate option and give the detail about payment method, house bank and bank key after filling these details its taking the amount but I have to do this for each line item. when I checked the job log I found the error message that why payment is not possible.

Please help me to solve this, thanks in advance.

Payment with currency INR, payment method : No valid payment procedure
Message no. FZ390

The payment program could not find a combination of payment method and house bank account with which the payment can be carried out.

System Response
No payment is generated.

In order to find out which combination of payment methods and house bank accounts were checked and subsequently not used, repeat the proposal run and activate the additional log for payment method selection for the account affected.

Vaibhav Kaushal

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