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Posted by jiten_p
on Jul 9 at 12:08 PM


As per our customization Value Date will update Capitalization date or
Depreciation Calculation Date (Ordinary Depreciation Start date) or both.

Ordinary Depreciation Start date can be from period start, Quarterly start
or Half Yearly start or Annual Start
as per our customization in period control method

Current Me If I am wrong.


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Subject: Asset Value date earlier than capitalisation date


Suppose capitalization date 01.01.2011 and Value date 01.07.2011.
Depreciation Calculation Date 01.01.2011. Now On 31.03.2011. nOW 2010-11 Period is closed. How the depreciation will be calculated by the system. Depreciation 01.01.2011 to march 31.03.2011 will be posted in the month of July 2011

Can any one explain on this.

Thks in advance


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