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Jiten says it ok.

Usually capitalization and start of depreciation are determined by the
period control method embedded in the depreciation key assigned to the asset
master record.

However, these dates are triggered by the value date entered during
transaction posting. Each country , usually uses statutorily defined
depreciation norms for capitalization and depreciation start .

These norms are usually assigned to asset classes ( and to asset master
records created using asset classes) via the country-specific chart of
depreciation used by the company code.

Some norms of the period control method are :

capitalization from the beginning of the year, beginning of next quarter
etc. ( to name a few).

Just do an exploratory analysis ( without changing anything, of course !) of
some pre-defined depreciation keys and you can learn the basis adopted.



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As per our customization Value Date will update Capitalization date or
Depreciation Calculation Date (Ordinary Depreciation Start date) or both.

Ordinary Depreciation Start date can be from period start, Quarterly start
or Half Yearly start or Annual Start
as per our customization in period control method

Current Me If I am wrong.


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