Re: [sap-acct] Asset Deprecation Straight Line Method Calculating different monthly amounts

Posted by Sharad_Vimadalal
on Jul 22 at 1:03 PM
I can't immediately put my finger on it, but in Asset master there should be
a drop down menu to simulate depreciation calculation. You could check how
the depreciation is calculated.

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Subject: Asset Deprecation Straight Line Method Calculating different monthly amounts

Great answers,
Also check to see if the acquisition was an ABNAN (post-capitalization).
Or check to see if there were Unplanned Depreciation adjustments in first year showing in AS03 for the answer. ABAA is t-code for my Unplanned Depreciation entries.

These transactions are ways to catch up on depreciation when capitalizations are tardy.
So there can be catch-up depreciation in the first period for prior years, and catch-up for missed current year periods too if the smoothing indicator not selected. If smoothing indicator selected then I think depreciation will be equal (but for an increased amount) for all periods of useful life remaining for missed current year months.

Somebody please correct me if this is not accurate. Thanks.


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