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on Jul 22 at 12:52 PM
This may be little help for Business Area not showing in the General Ledger view, but is hopefully food for thought.

There is a similar thing happening in my organization.

When clicking to go from Entry view to General Ledger view, the Cost Center disappears from its column and the Funds Center appears in its column. I have always assumed this has to do with layout of the screen defined for viewing G/L documents.


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Subject: Business Area missing in the document entry view of the document

Hi Gurus,
The new GL is activated in our set up. And we are taking Financial statements by Business ARea.
We had posted some JVs in customer accounts using F-02. It has been observed now that in these documents, the business Area is being displayed in the General Ledger view, but the same is not coming in the entry view.
Now, when we see reports like FBL5N -the business area does not gets reflected , hence results are misleading.
Can you please suggest- what may be the possible reason for this- and what can be the solution to rectify the same.
Sunil Agarwal

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