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Posted by SekharSan
on Jul 14 at 10:53 AM
Hi Sri,

That is the big basic question about COPA where the fundamentals of Profitability Analysis exists.

If you define new Characteristics, you need to know the source or tables or from where it can be derived upon.
You should set up Derivation rules/MOVE/Tables etc in KEDR transaction.

The value of the Sales Order and Material will be considered as Characteristic Values but not stored as Value fields, pls note. Once you set up the above derivation rules, it will store the output in Characteristic Values. For some values where it doesn't flow (like overheads and variances etc), try to get them pushed to COPA thru Controlling allocations.

After that in KE30, you can use these new characteristics in Profitability reports.

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Dear Experts
My client requirements is sales order and finished material based profitability
I want to know that If I create Sales order and material as my Characteristic Field what will be my Value field and how do we map, so that we can get Profitability Report of Sales order and material wise.
We have Product Costing in Place, Profit Centers are at Product level.

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