[sap-acct] Alternative Payee in vendor Master - In House Cash Set Up

Posted by SAPFICO07
on Jul 14 at 12:21 PM

We have In House Cash Set up for Payments..

For a particular vendor X0001, the Bank Country is DK and has an alternative
Payee maintained in the vendor master which has an alternative Payee X0002
and this X0002 has Bank Country SE.

The Invoice is in currency SEK..and payment Method A

The table IHC_TAB_APM_TT is maintained with the following conditions..

1200 Bank Transfer A 100200
1200 Bank Transfer A GBP 100200
1200 Bank Transfer A SEK 100200
1200 Bank Transfer A DE EUR 100100
1200 Bank Transfer A DK DKK 100100
1200 Bank Transfer A PL PLN 100100
1200 Bank Transfer A SE SEK 100100

The problem is after execution of F110, the inbound IDOC in IHC0 is not
getting generated..it is in error..
I checked in Debug mode and it is picking up transaction type 100200 instead
of 100100 . Any reason why this is picking up 100200 and not 100100
transaction type. If the Vendor Bank Country(Alternative Vendor's Bank
country) is SE and the transaction currency is SEK, it should pick up the
last record.. rather it is picking up the third record.. Any idea why?


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