Re: [sap-acct] MIRO-need Vendor on all GL line items in the 'offset account' field

Posted by PSD Rajan (Solutions Architect)
on Jul 21 at 12:53 PM
Field LIFNR can be filled only for AP line items. No user exit or
enhancement will work. Field LIFNR is controlled by the GL Account (can
only be the recon account), Posting Key (must be one applicable to Vendors)
and Account Type. In other words, it is a primary field which cannot be
In addition to Warren's suggestion, you could possibly populate another
reference field. Since you want this for all the line items for the
document, you may want to consider updating a reference field at the header
(BKPF) level. Then you can easily link BSEG lines to BKPF header and build
any report you want. Whether it be for line item or header, you could use
the user exit for substitution.

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From: Warren Nash
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Subject: MIRO-need Vendor on all GL line items in the 'offset account' field

Why/ If you do this it will possibly cause problems.

If it's for a report requirement, then just get your developer to use a bit of logic to link the expense items to the correct vendor.

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