Re: [sap-acct] Post in Vendor A/c with Special G/L. Salary AdvanL

Posted by Shinu (Mr)
on Jul 28 at 2:38 AM
Hi karunesh,

Thanks for your response. I am not clear about the process you have explained. Can you expand a little bit

1. advance request

2. rlease advance

3. deduction from payroll

These config side, please explain as per your scenario. In your reply, you said, release advance and transfer to normal G. What does that mean?

Deduction of advance through payroll Employee Vendor wise or to that Normal
Advance GL Directly.


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Subject: Post in Vendor A/c with Special G/L. Salary AdvanL

Dear All

As I think No spl gl indicator will be used at time of Advance Deduction
when you post thr. payroll posting . Because we use spl gl indicator only for
when you give advance to vendor or emplyee vendor and after that we transfer
such advance to spl gl to normal gl and when you get this amount in normal
gl and post deduction of advance thr.payroll posting in normal gl than where
is the problem. Employee vendor account will show current position in vendor


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