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Posted by SekharSan
on Jul 29 at 10:58 AM
Post Go-Live is a crucial phase till the system stabilizes, functional consultants or support team should be around. In practice, at least one period close should be seen from onsite and reports generated to HQ or to the management.

Otherwise visibility of the issue, user training, quicker response, high priority issues, system performance and monitoring, support in the same timezone, etc. are some of the key factors to be addressed.

Few things I can think of for now:
1. Develop a mechanism to have a common issue tracker/tools to raise issues (tough support tickets are raised in general after the project hand over to client), which can be shared between users and support team in the same timezone. We use SAP-KMC tool for sharing documents across the locations.
2. Prioritize the issues with SLA (may use Remedy or CISM tools)
3. Have regular meetings with status updates for the issue closure.
4. Arrange for screen sharing tools (LIVE meetings) for the issue analysis.
5. At least one onsite coordinator presence per module/track is essential if you really consider cost/travel as the main aspect. This coordinator should be responsible in sharing the work to offshore team.
6. Team should be ready with necessary visas and to be ready to travel on a need basis just in case of major risk/issue from the client side.

More ideas will flow based on the org and team setup.

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Subject: Remote rollout and implementation support


We are partners for a Client who is moving towards Rolling out newer versions of the Applications across all its sites.

The Client has footprint across 4 continents, and is averse to the Travel expenses incurred towards having Consultants travel onsite. In our previous version releases we had our consultants travel onsite during go-live. The lean strategy is driving the Client management to lookout for Remote Go-Live support.
Does anyone has experience in the processes involved and Tools/methodology needed to enable this Rollout phase controlled remotely?

Any ideas/suggestions most welcomed!


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